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Tropical and Ethnic Foods Distribution Center. Custom smoked meat, poultry and seafood. International Food Warehouse. Wholesale to everyone. 

Tropical Food Production, Sourcing and Distribution


Introduction of All Peoples Food

All Peoples Food  is an International Food Business, established in 2007, located at 62 Albe Drive, Suite B, Newark, DE 19702, USA.

All Peoples Food caters for Africans in Diaspora and expanding into other markets such as Caribbean, Mexican, Hispanic and American markets.


Mission Statement

All Peoples Food mission is to provide authentic, good quality and affordable ethnic food to all residents in major cities in the United States of America by adopting the same business model at our current location. 

Identified States for Expansion

In pursuance of our expansion objective, we have identified promising States namely:

1)  Pennsylvania

2)  New York

3)  Maryland

4)  Minnesota

5)  California

6)  Texas

The stores/warehouse will be all inclusive, providing Americans must buy gourmet, Africans, Mexicans and Asians unique selections.

The international food market is growing rapidly. This is the time to position ourselves strategically for raking revenue from residents in the identified locations.

Capital Outlay

We are seeking $500,000 funding for  each location from interested investors or partners.

This $500,000 capitals will be used for space rental,  equipment procurement, installation, raw materials, packaging materials and inventory.

If you are serious, interested and able to invest the above amount give us a call to arrange a meeting to  discuss the details

1) Wholesale and Distribution Division

2) Retail Division

3) Packaging Division

You are welcome to discuss the term of the investment. Only serious investors need to contact us.

Also our global vision is to make essential, good quality food available and affordable in other countries, especially developing countries.

We are committed to bridge advance economies and emerging markets in areas of good quality food production and distribution.

Initial areas of focus will be the following:

1.   Caribbean Countries

2.   Africa Countries


Imported/All Peoples Food Brand Products For Distributors and Stores




Mackerel  44lbs.,   45lbs /Case= 74 Cases –( 1 Pallet    $1.35/lb.

 Stock Fish Chunks 66lbs./Bale 15 Bales – 1 Pallet



Stock  Fish Chunks

8   oz. x 24/Case 48 Cases (1 Pallet)

$ 96.00/Case




Kini   Fish  50lbs./Case $7.25/lb.


Kuta   Fish 50lbs./Case $8.25/lb.


Peeled   Bonny 50lbs./Case $8.00/lb.



Mandela   Oats Fufu 20lbs x 3/Case 42 Cases (1 Pallet) $ 60.00/Case


Mandela Oats Fufu 10lbs.   x 4/Case 48 Cases (1 Pallet )  $ 40.00/Case


Mandela Oats Fufu 4lbs. x 10/Case 48 Cases (1 Pallet $ 40.00/Case


Egusi   Ground 8 oz. x 30/Case 48 Cases (1 Pallet)

$ 97.50/Case  Egusi   Whole 8oz.   x 30/Case  48 Cases (1 Pallet)  $ 97.50/Case


Tola/Wole  8   oz. x 30/Case 48 Cases (1 Pallet)$150.00/Case


Tola/Wolo  4   oz. x 60/Case 48 Cases (1Pallet)



Gari      50lbs    $40/Bag


Gari 20lb            $18/bag


Moringa   Seed 

4   oz. x 24/Case 48 Cases (1Pallet) $156.00/case


Moringa   Powder 4 oz. x 24/Case  48 Cases ( Pallet)



Shea   Butter All Natural 8   oz. x 24/Case 48 Cases (Pallet)_ $108.00/Case


Dudu   Osun (Black Soap)

8   oz. x 24/Case 48 Cases (Pallet)

$ 84.00/Case


Nido   Milk Powder

2500g   x 6/Case 35 Cases (Pallet)


Nido   Milk Powder

900g   x 12/Case 40 Cases (Pallet)



Nido Milk Powder

400g   x 24/Case 40 Cases (Pallet)



Peak   Milk Powder

2500gx   6/Case 35 Cases (Pallet)



Peak   Milk Powder 900   x 12/Case



Peak   Milk Powder

400   x 24/Cas $149.00/Case


Peak   Milk liquid 

410g   x 48/Case $84.00/Case


Peak   Milk liquid 170g   x 96/Case




Titus   Sardines 125g   x 100/Cas $82.00/Case


Titus   Sardines Hot 125g   x 100/Case $86.00/Case


Zwan   Chicken & Beef340g x 24/Case $69.00/Case


Geisha   (Green) 425g   x 24/Case $49.00/Case


Geisha   (Hot) 425g x 24/Cas $49.00/Case


Al   Haloub Cow 340g   x 24/Case  $70.00/Case


Exeter   Corned Beef 12 oz. x 24/Case $92.00/Case


FUF Tropiway Plantain Fufu 680g x 24 $55.00/Case


Tropiway   Coconut Fufu 680gx 24 $55.00/Case


Mamas Choice Plantain Fufu 680g x 24 $56.00/Case


Placali   (Casava Fufu 20/Bag $70.00/Case


Casava   Leaves 18/Case $63.00/Case


BEANS Honey   Beans 3lbs. x 12Case $84.00/Case


Honey   Beans 20lbs. $30/Bag


Honey   Beans   50lbs.$65/Bag


Palm   Oil 5   Gallon  $60.00/Tin


Palm Oil 1   Gallon x 6/Case $84.00/Case


Palm   Oil Half   Gallon x 12/case $90.00/Case


Ghana  Fresh Palm Cream

800g x 24   $75.00/Case


Ghana   Fresh Egg Plant 800g   x 24



Trofai   Palm Cream 800g   x 20 $60.00/Case


Liberia   Fresh 800g   x 20  $78.00/Case 

Import of seafood

contact us at 302-690-4881 email us at shop 24/7

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